Courses Taught

At Fairfield University

Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions

ED 369/459: Developmental Reading in Secondary Schools. 

ED 455: The Literate Learner.

ED 561: Summer Institute in the Teaching of Writing. 

College of Arts & SciencesEnglish Department

EN 11: Texts and Contexts I. 

EN 12: Texts and Contexts II. 

EN 373: Literature for Young Adults.

EN 411: Literacy Learning and Teaching Composing Processes. 

LeMoyne College

EDU 600: Literacy Learning and the Composing Processes.

Syracuse University

SED 413/613: Methods and Materials in Teaching English.

SED 415/615:  Teacher Development in English.

EDU 508: Supervisor for Student Teaching in English Education.

EDU 614: The Composing Process.

Bellarmine University

ENG 100: Introduction to College Writing. Teacher Adjunct: (Bellarmine University, ACCESS Program. 1998 – 2007)

ENG 200, Introduction to Literature. Teacher Adjunct: (Bellarmine University, ACCESS Program)