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Moving to Syracuse

As part of my new learning at Syracuse University, I began playing around with the possibilities of using digital storytelling to make sense of my post-Kentucky learning.  Specifically, I tried to teach myself how to podcast and write a digital story through assignments given to me in my coursework.

Thinking about this, I realize there were three steps: ┬áMy poetic doodles, my attempt at a podcast for what visual thinking sounds like, and then with a project I dedicated to James A’Kech Mangui.


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And then there is sonic literacy

1. Comstock & Hocks

2. Digitial Podcasts

A. What is a pod-cast?

B. A trip to I-Tunes

C. The Wonderful World of Free Stories.

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About Digital Constraints (and Possibilities)

1. Jan Baetens and Comic Strip Writing

2. Calvin & Hobbes

3. Outside of the Box Thinking

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