SED 413/613, SED 415/615 w/Dr. Kelly Chandler-Olcott

chandler-olcottIn the Spring of ’09 and in collaboration with SED 508, Supervision, I co-taught SED 413/613  “Methods and Materials for Teaching English” and SED 415/615 ” Teacher Development in English” with Dr. Kelly Chandler-Olcott.  As part of my teaching assistantship with the Future Professoriate Program, I co-taught lessons and added my leadership as we assisted student teachers before and after their field placements.  The syllabi for SED 413/613 (SED 413/613) and (SED 415/615) were designed by Dr. Kelly Chandler-Olcott and under her guidance, we collaborated on daily lessons, met about instructional activities, and brainstormed about providing the best instruction for our students. 

The following is an example of how we worked together in SED 413/613.  Kelly would often ask if I’d like to take a “stab” at a lesson plan and I’d consider what we’ve read, where we still needed to go, and where Kelly was, sequentially, the year before.  I would do a sample plan and I’d email her a copy.  She’d offer me feedback (Sample Collaboration) and together we’d finalize a plan of action.  In this particular lesson plan, Kelly and I wanted students to think about how they’d create their own unit of instruction and, here, I suggested I share a unit (9th Grade Sample Poetry Unit) I created with 9th graders.  The model was used to assist students in thinking how they might think about providing a framework to their students, too.  The level of support I received from Kelly is remarkable. Together, we tried our best to build off one another’s knowledge and, for the first time, assisted student teachers with the creation of a digital story reflection at the end of the semester.

Early in the semester, Kelly began tapping into the power of YouTube and we discussed multi-mediated presentations with students.  We thought it would be interesting to look at pop-cultural representations of teachers, especially English teachers, in the media to begin a discussion about what teaching English is supposed to be.  The clips we used, which I compiled in a document (Teaching Films) was very useful in opening activities with our instruction.

Kelly also offered me irreplaceable feedback and kept running notes when I taught (offering me a lot to think about).

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